The MANSOUR EDDAHBI Palais des Congrès in Marrakech is located at the crossroads of the main attractions of Marrakech, at the Hivernage residential quarter, only 10 minutes from the international airport, 5 minutes from the train station, 15 minutes walk from the old town and 15 minutes drive from the three 18-hole golf courses.


Boulevard Mohamed VI
40000 Marrakech

Phone: +212 524 33 91 00


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The name of Marrakech comes from the Berber word “Mour” meaning “Country” and “Akouch” meaning “God”, which makes “The Land of God”.


Djemaa El Fna square

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It is the most mythical place in the world. Located between the entrance of the souk of Marrakech and the Koutoubia minaret, the place Djemaa El Fna vibrates with the rhythm of local life. Do not hesitate to go up to one of the many terraces bordering the square to cut yourself off, for some moments, from the hustle and bustle of the square. One of the best times to admire the place from these cornices is certainly at sunset. It is both the city’s geographical center and its unmissable socio-cultural meeting place that leads to the souks with their narrow streets lined with small stalls.

The walls

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Today, the walls are 19 kilometers long, intersected by 22 gates (bab in Arabic)! ‘Bab Errobb’ and ‘Bab Agnaou’ are the two oldest gates of the city, dating back to the time of the Almoravids, a Berber dynasty that ruled Morocco from the 11th to the 12th century. The best moments of the day for long tours, preferably in carriage, are mornings and evenings to enjoy the faltering rays of the setting sun affecting the color of the walls.

Majorelle Gardens

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The city’s most beautiful garden! This botanical garden was developed by Jacques Majorelle, a famous early-20th-century French painter. When he settled in the “red city”, he created his botanical garden ornamented with exotic plants, basins and ceramic decorations. The garden adopted the “Majorelle blue” color which the artist created to represent the depth and intensity of the ocean. He devoted all his life to the garden which was opened to the public in 1947. Today, the Majorelle gardens are owned by Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint-Laurent who acquired this piece of paradise to protect it and ensure its sustainability. This oriental garden is a must-see to have a break from the hubbub of the city.

The Mellah

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The Mellah is the name given to the different Moroccan Jewish neighborhoods. It was built in 1558, during the reign of the Saadian Sovereign Moulay Abdallah. There you will discover the spice souk, the jewelry souk with a fish auction at 16:30, the fabric souk with all kinds of fabrics, the old wooden buildings, the workshops of tinsmiths who make the famous lanterns, and the two synagogues Neguidim and Alzama. Although the neighborhood is predominantly Muslim, the Jewish culture and traces are still intact. It is said that there you can have the “best bargains” of the city … Go for a tour!


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Located at the modern part of the city, Guéliz district is named after a massif: Jbel Guéliz. Guéliz was originally a space reserved for the deceased. It was restructured by the French architect Henry Prost at the beginning of the 20th century. The area is famous for its cafes and restaurants, banks and luxury shops. The newly-built Marrakech Plazza is an outdoor shopping center with European brands, in addition to the Harti Square with its fountain and park, the Palais des Congrès and the Royal Theater. There you will find your happiness!

The palm grove

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The palm grove of Marrakech consists of more than 100,000 trees, mainly palm trees, over an area of about 15,000 hectares. The grove was created by the Berber sovereigns in the 12th century, when some palm species were revered and considered a symbol of life and fertility. To explore the palm grove, what is better than a horse-drawn carriage ride? However, the journey is a little long, about 20 kilometers long, but you can do it by car or taxi. The palm grove is also home to many luxury hotels, majestic residences and golf courses. It is an idyllic setting to which many celebrities resort throughout the year. Have a good visit!



  • le salon référence de la pharmacie
  • le salon référence de la pharmacie
  • le salon référence de la pharmacie

BAGATELLE : formule bistrot
101, rue de Yougoslavie – Guéliz / 05 24 43 02 74

LES JARDINS DE GUÉLIZ : formule midi buffet
Avenue Hassan II – Place du Jardin El Harti – Guéliz / 05 24 42 21 22

BÔ & ZIN : drinking and fooding
Km 3,5 route de l’Ourika Douar lahna / 05 24 38 80 12

KECHMARA : café restaurant international
3, rue de la liberté – Guéliz / 05 24 42 25 32

KOSYBAR : cuisine orientale et fusion asiatique
47, place des ferblantiers – Médina / 05 24 38 03 24

BAB : cuisine internationale
Angle boulevard Mansour Eddahbi et rue Md El Beqqal – Guéliz / 05 24 43 52 50

LOTUS CLUB : lounge restaurant international et asiatique
Rue Ahmed Chawki – Hivernage / 06 61 06 61 35

AZAR : brasserie libanaise
Rue de Yougoslavie – Guéliz / 05 24 43 09 20

LE GRAND CAFÉ DE LA POSTE : restaurant-bar-salon
Boulevard Mansour Eddahbi et avenue Iman Malik en face de la poste principale – Guéliz / 05 24 43 30 38

CARIOCA : restaurant ambiance brésilienne
120, rue Mohamed El Beqqal – Guéliz / 05 24 43 14 85

CHEZ MADO : bistrot français
22, rue Moulay Ali – Guéliz / 05 24 42 14 94

  • le salon référence de la pharmacie
  • le salon référence de la pharmacie
  • le salon référence de la pharmacie

LA TABLE DU MARCHÉ : restaurant-pâtisserie-salon de thé
Hôtel l’hivernage, angle avenue Echouhada et rue des temples – Hivernage
/ 05 24 42 41 00

L’APÉRO : bar à tapas
3, rue Abouhayane Taouhidi – Guéliz / 06 13 44 05 72 // 06 14 55 42 54

AL FASSIA : cuisine traditionnelle marocaine
55, boulevard Zerktouni, résidence Tayeb 1er – Guéliz / 05 24 43 40 60

DAR MARJANA : cuisine traditionnelle marocaine
15, derb Sidi Ali Tair, Bab doukkala – Médina / 05 24 38 51 10

DAR MOHA : cuisine traditionnelle marocaine
81, rue Dar El Bacha – Médina / 05 24 38 64 00

COMPTOIR DARNA : restaurant-club-boutique Marocain à ambiance
Avenue Echouhada – Hivernage / 05 24 43 77 02/10

PLACE DJEMA EL FNA : restaurants ambulants sur la place même, à partir de 20h00
Place Djema El Fna – Médina

KASBAH CAFÉ : cuisine marocaine et internationale
47, Rue Boutouil – Kasbah / 05 24 38 26 25 / 06 51 34 10 00

THE QUEEN ATLANTIC MARRAKECH PLAZA : restaurant international, café-glacier
Place du 16 Novembre – Guéliz / 06 68 84 41 03 // 06 61 18 55 91

CAFÉ ARABE : cuisine italienne et marocaine
184, Rue El Mouassine – Médina / 05 24 42 97 28

FOGO DE CHAO BRAZILIAN CHURRASCARIA PALMERAIE : cuisine brésilienne, dîner-spectacle
BP 1488, Circuit de la Palmeraie / 06 19 27 29 45

L’ORANGERIE SOFITEL MARRAKECH IMPÉRIAL SPA : cuisine française et marocaine
Rue Haroun Errachid – Hivernage / 05 24 42 56 00


  • le salon référence de la pharmacie
  • le salon référence de la pharmacie

CARRÉ EDEN SHOPPING CENTER : centre commercial
Avenue Mohamed V / Ouvert jusqu’à 22h

AL MAZAR : centre commercial
Route de l’Ourika / Ouvert jusqu’à 23h

MENARA MALL : centre commercial
Avenue Mohammed VI / Ouvert jusqu’à 00h

33 RUE MAJORELLE : créations marocaines
33, rue Yves Saint-Laurent / 05 24 31 41 95

GALERIE DES TANNEURS : cuir, lin et fourrures
Av Moulay Rachid – Guéliz / 05 24 42 33 11

SHOPPING HAUTE COUTURE SALIMA ABDEL-WAHAD : création de vêtements Haute Couture
315, QI de Sidi Ghanem / 05 24 33 63 28

LA GRANDE LIBRAIRIE : grand choix de livres, marocains et internationaux
163, angle rue Mohamed El Beqqal et avenue Mohamed V – Guéliz / 06 61 28 59 14

DECORIENTE : création objets d’intérieur
61, rue de Yougoslavie – Guéliz / 05 24 43 63 12

MAD : créations marocaines
25, QI de Sidi Ghanem (A côté de Léon l’africain) / 06 61 67 08 46

HÉRITAGE BERBÈRE : parfums et souvenirs originaux
Villa Sabah, rue Yves Saint-Laurent / 05 24 30 88 41

KOLLECTORS ART SHOPPING : tableaux, sculptures, photos et cadeaux insolites
469, QI de Sidi Ghanem / 06 64 00 07 20

L’endroit par excellence pour trouver les articles souvenirs typiques !


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  • le salon référence de la pharmacie

LES BAINS DE MARRAKECH : hammam et rituels orientaux
2, Derb Sedra Bab Agnaou – Kasbah / 05 24 38 14 28/38 64 19
100% naturels, à partir de 150 dh le hammam

HAMMAM CARLOTA : hammam et rituels orientaux
Spa du Bab Hotel, angle boulevard Mansour Eddahbi et rue Md El Beqqal / 05 24 43 52 50
Forfait à partir de 250 dh

HAMMAM DE LA ROSE : hammam et rituels orientaux
130, Dar Bacha / 05 24 44 47 69

NAJ NAILS : onglerie-institut de beauté
3, rue Tarik Ibn Ziad – Guéliz / 05 24 42 04 56


Moroccan legislation relating to foreigners’ entrance and stay in Morocco stipulates that any foreigner wishing to visit Morocco must have a valid passport or any other document issued by the State of which he is a national and recognized by the Moroccan State as a travel document (Law N° 02-03 issued on November 11, 2003).

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A visa is an endorsement to enter and stay in Morocco for a limited period of time, issued by the competent Moroccan authorities. It is a specific and secured sticker attached to the passport, indicating the period of validity, from one day to three months, or exceptionally one year, with one, two or more entries on case by case basis.

It is up to the competent authority issuing the visa to determine the length of stay and the period of validity of the visa, depending on the applicant’s profile, the type and category of the visa and the number of entries requested.

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